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Central Florida Mold Remediation Mold infestation is a serious concern. Unchecked mold growth in your home can be a cause of health problems for you and your family. Mold can also harm your pets, affect food and medication, and damage your furniture and belongings. It is essential then to take the proper course of action once mold infestation is detected in your house or building. Contact 411 Restoration & Remodeling, Inc. in Orlando, FL to schedule our mold remediation and abatement services. We’ll help to ensure that your home is mold-free.

We only use the most updated procedures available in the extermination of mold spores. These procedures are driven by the latest findings by mold experts in test laboratories around the world. You can rest assured that these methods are environmentally safe and risk-free when performed correctly.

Our mold remediation service goes beyond the usual removal of mold growth from your home or building. We also implement preventive measures to ensure that re-contamination does not occur. 411 Restoration & Remodeling believes that the best solutions are complete solutions; they fix a problem’s root cause, instead of just the symptoms.

We also believe that providing you with correct and updated information makes a difference. We will do our best to provide you with practical and understandable tips on how to prevent another mold issue. It could be as simple as having proper ventilation in your bathroom, or being vigilant about keeping an area clean. You can be an active participant in preventing future mold problems, and we promise to do our best to empower that participation.

Most of the time only certain areas of a house or building are affected, and often some structural elements need to be removed and disposed of, such as sheet-rock, insulation, even HVAC ducting, particularly if it’s insulated. More often than not, the structural wood can be cleaned and preserved for future use, but there are some instances where the mold growth has ruined the structural integrity of the wood requiring replacement.

The 411 Restoration & Remodeling team is trained and certified in mold remediation, and your project will be handled to the exacting standards set forth by the Indoor Air Quality Association.

Anyone can remove mold, but it takes a mold remediation professional like 411 Restoration & Remodeling to do it right. If mold remediation is done improperly, it can easily do more harm than good. Our professional technicians will develop a mold remediation plan specific for your needs, ensuring your problem is remedied quickly and effectively. All of our technicians are certified in mold remediation and receive extensive ongoing education and training.

Certified Mold Remediation Experts

  • FREE visual mold inspections
  • Professional written analysis and removal recommendations
  • Air and surface lab testing to determine mold toxicity
  • Permanent mold decontamination and removal
  • Final mold spore test to verify complete remediation
  • Fungicidal protective coating application to prevent future mold and mildew growth
  • Restoration – reconstruction and remodeling

InsuranceWe can work with and bill your insurance company directly.

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